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Professional Car Wash Open 24 hours
East Market Street


7 self service bays. Open 24hrs. Featuring Credit Card Acceptance.

Introducing Our New 24Hr. In Bay Automatic

4 Different Levels of Cleaning Packages Available with Credit Card Acceptance. Monthly Memberships, Our New Phone App Offering Special Deals, AirPay, Free Birthday Washes.   Shampoo and Vacuum Islands.  Car Care Vending Products.   Clean. Fast. Fabulous Results.


Serving York County for 55 Years strong! Our Products deliver a higher level of clean on your car. Our hot water wash delivery system insures dirt and road film get blasted off your cars finish every time you visit our location.  New features were added for our customers convenience. This Location Now Accepts Credit Cards.  Stop in and try Carnauba Wax for a Fabulous Shine that lasts on your car like no other. Tired of Pesky Bugs on your Windshield we can help you easily remove those splatters. Are your Rims and Tires looking dull and covered is brake dust? We can say BYE BYE Dirt.  Let our Research and Development of Decades in the Industry take the hard work of worrying about your cars finish and make it easy.  CLEAN. SHINE. and PROTECTION Against Environmental Damages.  Have you been too busy to take care of your car? Stop in today YOUR CAR  DESERVES THE BEST!  Thank you for your business. REMEMBER……. YOU LOOK LIKE A STAR IN A CLEAN CAR!!!!

Celebrating Over 50Yrs. in Service/
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Our Services

Offers 7 Self Service Bays for the DIY Crowd open 24×7  PLUS our NEW In Bay Automatic Open 24Hrs.

Each Bay offers Heated Wash Cycle with Custom Formulated Products to loosen road dirt and residue off your cars surface quickly! Our New “Cube” In Bay Automatic features Smart Touch Technology,  For a Clean and Shine that lasts longer and Deepens with Each Visit!  Car Washing made EASY.                                        Your Car Deserves the Best!


Presoak is an option for dissolving environmental dirt and stains

Carnauba Wax

Carnauba Wax leaves a Lasting Shine as well as Protection

Spot Free Rinse

Spot Free Rinse insures your car will dry spotless without towel drying needed

Clear Coat

Clear Coat Protectant prevents sun UV rays from fading and diminishing painted surfaces as well as extra protection to repel dirt. Keeping your car cleaner longer.

Foamy Brush

Foamy Brushes are available to deliver extra attention on your vehicle surface with any problem areas.

Wheel and Tire

Wheel and Tire Cleaner delivers shiny rims removing Brake Dust and Road Dirt

Bug Off

Bug Off dissolved pesky little insects and Bird Droppings

Credit Card

Credit Card Acceptance in each bay makes your Transaction quick and easy


Vacuums on site as well as Fully Stocked Car Care vending machines